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Motorboat Operators

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Operate small motor-driven boats. May assist in navigational activities.

    Work Activities
    • Maintain desired courses, using compasses or electronic navigational aids.
    • Follow safety procedures to ensure the protection of passengers, cargo, and vessels.
    • Direct safety operations in emergency situations.
    • Operate engine throttles and steering mechanisms to guide boats on desired courses.
    • Oversee operation of vessels used for carrying passengers, motor vehicles, or goods across rivers, harbors, lakes, and coastal waters.
    • Secure boats to docks with mooring lines, and cast off lines to enable departure.
    • Service motors by performing tasks such as changing oil and lubricating parts.
    • Arrange repairs, fuel, and supplies for vessels.
    • Take depth soundings in turning basins.
    • Maintain equipment such as range markers, fire extinguishers, boat fenders, lines, pumps, and fittings.
    • Organize and direct the activities of crew members.
    • Report any observed navigational hazards to authorities.
    • Issue directions for loading, unloading, and seating in boats.
    • Clean boats and repair hulls and superstructures, using hand tools, paint, and brushes.
    • Tow, push, or guide other boats, barges, logs, or rafts.
    • Perform general labor duties such as repairing booms.
    • Position booms around docked ships.
    • Operation and Control

      Controlling operations of equipment or systems.

    • Operation Monitoring

      Watching gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.

    • Speaking

      Talking to others to convey information effectively.

    Applied Math
    Workplace Documents
    Graphic Literacy
    • Control Precision

      The ability to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of a machine or a vehicle to exact positions.

    • Far Vision

      The ability to see details at a distance.

    • Arm-Hand Steadiness

      The ability to keep your hand and arm steady while moving your arm or while holding your arm and hand in one position.

    • Customer and Personal Service

      Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

    • Geography

      Knowledge of principles and methods for describing the features of land, sea, and air masses, including their physical characteristics, locations, interrelationships, and distribution of plant, animal, and human life.

    • Mechanical

      Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.

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    • US Annual Salary $48,260/yr
    • US Typical Salary
    • US Hourly Wage $23.20/hr
    • US Typical Hourly Wage
    Ohio Employment Trends
    • Currently Employed Not Available
    • Yearly Projected Openings Not Available
    Typical Education
    Realistic: People interested in this work like activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They do well at jobs that need:
    • Dependability
    • Concern for Others
    • Cooperation
    • Integrity
    • Stress Tolerance
    • Self Control
    • Tie down anchors
    • Life vests or preservers
    • Flares
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Exterior ship or boat lighting
    • Mobile location based services software
    • Map creation software
    • Internet browser software
    • Expert system software
    • Analytical or scientific software