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Ohio is powered by manufacturing. Ohio manufacturing is responsible for almost 17% of Ohio Gross Domestic Product and contributes to the quality of life in Ohio by providing:
  • Almost 700,000 jobs for Ohio workers
  • An annual payroll of $40 billion, the highest total annual wages of any Ohio industry sector
  • An average annual wage of $60,000

Ohio manufacturing is booming with jobs. Search this site to make your way to an exciting, secure and fulfilling manufacturing career right now.




Manufacturing today is more diverse, exciting and alive than ever before, full of good-paying jobs with solid benefits and room to grow.


Regardless of your level of education or where you are in your career, there are good jobs in the new world of manufacturing.


Ohio Fun Facts

General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and Honda all have production facilities in Ohio making the state the second largest producer of motor vehicles in the country.

GE Jet Engines produced in Evandale, Ohio are shipped around the world.

Steel Production in Ohio is lead by Timken Steel of Canton, AK Steel of West Chester, and ArcelorMittal of Cleveland.

There are so many facts about Ohio manufacturing! Check out Ohio Manufacturing Counts

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