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Welcome Employers

TalentNEO is an initiative connecting employers and jobseekers through a shared language – skills.

TalentNEO uses skill assessments that are proven to measure workplace skills that are critical to job success. Each assessment measures foundational skills relevant to the job you are hiring for and can serve as a validated reference for both the candidate’s current skill levels and their ability to effectively learn on the job. It’s an additional tool that can be used to predict a candidate’s ability to do the job, especially because this is not always immediately apparent through education levels and resume review. We are using ACT WorkKeys® in this demonstration project.
TalentNEO is based upon the successful work of TalentABQ, a skills based hiring initiative launched in New Mexico. Click here ( to read more about how businesses have benefited from this approach.

How do I implement skills based hiring?
Through TalentNEO and, implementing skills based hiring is easy, free and will complement your existing hiring practices. The first step is to familiarize yourself with “skills scores.”
You will notice that three skills scores have been added to jobs posted on OhioMeansJobs. Extensive research and data from nearly 20,000 occupations has identified three foundational skills that are essential to success in most jobs:
Applied Mathematics
Locating Information
Reading for Information

Where do the skills scores on my job posting come from?
Based on the job title, will use an autoscoring technology that incorporates WorkKeys® job profiles and publicly available O*Net codes to determine the necessary Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information skills scores associated with your specific position. This allows job seekers to know what skill levels are preferred. In Cuyahoga and Summit Counties, more and more job seekers are taking WorkKeys® assessments; they can voluntarily include the results with their application.

What do the scores actually mean?
Skills scores range from Level 3 to Level 6 (or 7, depending on the assessment). The higher the score the better. More information on assessment results is located here.

What is a partner employer and how do we become one?
If you are in Northeast Ohio, a TalentNEO Partner Employer is an employer who agrees to use skills scores as part of their candidate recruitment and selection process.
TalentNEO provides support to Partner Employers by providing recommended estimated skills scores, information about integrating required or preferred skills scores into their job descriptions, adding skills-focused language to existing job descriptions and evaluating their existing workflow to support skill based hiring. If you are interested in becoming a Partner Employer please fill out this short employer interest form.
If you are outside of Northeast Ohio, you can complete the employer interest form and we will connect you to a resource in your region.

Please note: The recommended estimated scores provided by TalentNEO and/or presented on this site are based on the publicly available O*Net occupation database. The recommended estimated scores are provided to help employers use WorkKeys® as one aspect of evaluating candidates for hire and do not meet EEOC guidelines for requiring WorkKeys® scores in the hiring process. Employers interested in requiring WorkKeys® scores as part of their hiring may contact TalentNEO for more information. The scores and/or other information provided should in no way be construed as providing a legal opinion concerning the usage of WorkKeys® in an employer’s hiring process.