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Welcome to TalentNEO

TalentNEO is an initiative connecting employers and jobseekers through a shared language - skills.

This shared language is based on the validated ACT WorkKeys® assessments and skill scores.

  • Employers who post a job opening automatically have ACT WorkKeys® skills scores added to their position description, indicating the skill levels preferred for that particular job
  • Jobseekers can take ACT WorkKeys® assessments and receive skills scores. A job search can then be conducted based on a skills scores match. With a higher score, more jobs opportunities become available; training is available for job seekers interested in raising their scores.

Interested in more information about TalentNEO?

TalentNEO is a regional effort driven by business and supported by workforce development organizations, public agencies, schools, community colleges, social service agencies, adult basic education organizations, foundations and others. The purpose of TalentNEO is to demonstrate that when employers use ‘skills scores’ as a part of their hiring process, they increase the size of their applicant pool, improve retention rates, reduce costs and at the same time expand employment opportunities for job seekers who have the required skills but lack the educational credentials traditionally used to screen job applicants.