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Use this section of your resume to include overview information about your career. Note: Information displayed in this section of your resume is also part of your OhioMeansJobs account. If you change this information on one of your resumes, your account will be updated accordingly.

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Choose the level that most clearly reflects where you are in your career. As you move up in your career, you can change this level as needed.

Years of Relevant Work Experience

Your years of relevant work experience, relative to your target job.

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Select the status that best describes any special authorization that may be needed for your employment in the United States.

I am willing to relocate

Are you willing to move from your current home for employment?

I am willing to travel

How much travel are you willing to do for business?

Maximum miles willing to commute one-way

How far are you willing to commute on a daily basis. Distance from home to work, one way.