The Work Values Assessment is a great way to explore career paths based on what is most important to you in a work environment.

Step 1 – Read all the cards to get familiar with the different aspects of a job.

Step 2 – Place all of the cards into the card sorting grid, according to how important they are to you.
The most important aspects should be in the 1st column on the left. The least important aspects should be in the last column on the right. And the middle columns filled accordingly.
There are no right or wrong answers and you can re-sort your cards as many times as you’d like. You can even reset the entire deck and start over.
When you are comfortable with your sorting, and the entire grid is filled, click ‘SUBMIT’ to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 – This is your results page. Here you can see your Work Values, based on the cards you sorted. The top two values will contain the option to explore related careers by assigning a ‘Level of Effort’ This means how much preparation you will need to attain a job in that occupation. You must select from the list of values from Little or No preparation to Extensive preparation, and everything in between.
After assigning your ‘Level of Effort’ click ‘View Matching Occupations’. This will direct you to an occupations listing based on your card sorting, your top work value and the level of effort needed to attain a job in the occupation.

At any point in the Work Values process, you can return to re-sort your cards, select a different Work Value to explore, or adjust the level of effort.