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Field Crop Farmworker 219171932 Job in Huron, Ohio US

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Huron, OH
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Full Time
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Less than 1 Year
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$14.52 - $0.00 /hour
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Field Crop Farmworker 219171932

About the Job

Reference this job order number when inquiring about this position. Inquiries must be made prior to 03/01/2021.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years of age. Must be available the entire work period of 10/1/2020-7/31/2021. Must agree to work Mon-Fri, 8 hours per day. Employer will provide transportation from employer provided living quarters to work site every day. Must read, and agree to, all terms and conditions of employment prior to a referral to the employer.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:Must have at least 3 months of verifiable experience in all job duties. This job requires exposure to extreme temperatures, ability to lift 50 lbs., repetitive movements, extensive walking, frequent stooping, extensive pushing and pulling and drug screen.

 JOB DUTIES: Handling manual tasks associated with commodity production and harvest activities. All applicants must be able, willing, qualified to perform work described & must be available for entire period. Possible shift: 8:00AM-5:00PM. 40+ May be possibility of weekend work. Crops: Tomato. Duties may include: Monitor plants to prevent diseases, weeds and insects, prune, clip, lower, suckering and transferring plants. Maintain eqpt., such as scissors lifts, lift trucks, bailer, tarp cleaner, sprayers and disinfector. Inspect tomatoes for quality. Pack, prepare tomatoes for shipment. Clean and maintain greenhouse & other related Farmworker activities. Must be able to communicate with with supervisor. Must have 3 months tomato greenhouse experience and in a Modern Commercial Industrial Structure NO Field-Lean-Tos. Static strength; exert max muscle force to lift, push, pull, unload, carry objects up to 50lbs; may climb, walk, stand, reach, balance, sit, stoop, bend, squat, wash, clean: equip, grounds, area. Tools supplies and equipment provided at no cost to worker. Employer guarantees 3/4 of contract. Work outdoors, exposed to weather, hot or cold; hrs may vary (+/-); possible downtimes and/or extended hrs. Dependable: fulfill obligations. Attn. to detail: complete work tasks. Employer provided housing available to those who cannot reasonably return
to their residence within the same day. No cell phone use during work hours. Must be 18 years of age. Drug/alcohol/tobacco free work zone. Based on Employer's discretion/cost: Drug test applied during case of injury on the job at employer's expense or with evidence that - without a reasonable doubt - the worker in question has violated the premise of a drug/alcohol/tobacco free work zone, also at the employer’s expense.Worker has 3 days from date of hire to show legal authorization to work in the United States. Cash advances may apply at employer discretion. $14.52 /hr, The following deductions will be made: taxes, if applicable under Federal, State, and local law from U.S workers. FICA taxes, advances, Federal Income Tax Withholding, reasonable repaid cost of intentional damage. No deductions will be made which would
bring the employee's hourly wage below the Federal Minimum Wage.
Workers are given 12-14 uniforms at the start of the job. Each employee is responsible for returning all uniforms at the end of the job lest the cost of each missing uniform be deducted from the bi-weekly paycheck. Total cost of one uniform = $52.50. Individual scanners are given to workers at the beginning of the job in order to clock in and clock out. This scanner also scans each
row of crops which gives them an ETA for how long each row will take to complete. If this scanner is broken with willful negligence, the workers will be deducted the cost of the scanner ($500). Not to fall below AEWR wage. Must be 18 due to travel. Must show proof of legal authorization to work in the United States. Drug/alcohol/tobacco free work zone.
Static strength; exert max muscle force to lift, push, pull, unload, carry objects up to 50lbs; may climb, walk, stand, reach, balance, sit, stoop, bend, squat, wash, clean: equip, grounds, area. Must have 3 months tomato greenhouse experience and in a Modern Commercial Industrial Structure NO Field-Lean-Tos. All applicants must be able, willing, qualified to perform work described and must
be available for the entire period specified and work throughout all areas of intended employment. Based on Employer's discretion/cost: Worker may have random drug/alcohol testing during employment: positive test/ refusal to abide = dismissal. Possible background check post hire at employer's expense.


BOARD ARRANGEMENTS: Employer will furnish free and convenient cooking and kitchen facilities so workers are able to prepare their own meals. The employer will provide transportation to assure workers access to stores where they can purchase groceries.

HOUSING: Employer-provided housing is available for all workers who live outside a reasonable daily driving distance.

TRANSPORTATION TO WORK SITE: The employer will provide transportation for all workers living in the employer-provided housing to and from the daily work site(s).


TOOLS, SUPPLIES, EQUIPMENT: Tools, supplies, and equipment needed to complete the job will be provided by the employer at no cost to the worker.


TO APPLY FOR THE JOB OPPORTUNITY: Click Apply Now, Apply by Email or visit the nearest OhioMeansJobs Centers.   Reference the job order when inquiring about this job opportunity


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