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Annealing Associate/Night Watch Job in Tiffin, Ohio US

Job Summary

Webster Industries
Tiffin, OH
Manufacturing - Other
Job Type
Full Time

Annealing Associate/Night Watch

About the Job

Webster Industries has an opening for an Annealing Associate/Nigh Watch Person. 

Job Summary: Staffing on the Annealing Ovens and Miscellaneous

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operating/tending the Anneal Ovens
  • Pack parts into pots and baskets
  • Monitor the recipes and temperatures of the oven
  • Rounds will only occur on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays unless otherwise advised.  Rounds begin at Saturday morning (1AM) and the last round shall be completed Sunday night at 11pm.
  • All other times the night watch/annealing associate shall be breaking test bars, loading/unloading the annealing ovens, polishing micro hardness samples, and wheel-abrading parts for sort bench as they do now.
  • With the additional 80-120 minutes per shift freed up on 2nd and 3rd shift (M-F) (20-30 minutes per round), the annealing associate/night watch will be on direct labor Jobs (Monday-Friday) .
  • The watch clock will be placed in its pick-up location and set for the correct dates on Friday afternoon. 
  • When rounds are being performed per above it shall consist of:
    • Check Batch Heat Treat when on Idle, Belt Furnace when on Idle
    • Walk the plant every other hour on rounds which are verified as the operator clicks keys throughout the plant.  
    • Monitoring during rounds:
      • Fire Hazards / Safety Hazards
      • Open/Unlocked or Broken Doors, Windows, or Gates
      • Trespassers / Property Damage
      • Blocked Exits / Equipment left running / Lights left on
      • Heaters not working
      • Vaults or Safes open
  • When on the weekend and/or holiday schedule and when advised – operators are to monitor the temperature of the melt furnace, Anneal ovens, and the heat treat furnaces.

*Coverage – covering for fellow annealing associate / night watch during vacation, PTO and absenteeism. 

 Anneal Fireman shall not leave the furnace unattended and will do a face-to face shift turnover with their replacement at the annealing ovens prior to clocking out.

Swing Shift Schedule –
            1st Shift – Saturday – Friday 8am – 4pm (off Saturday thru Tuesday)
            3rd Shift – Wednesday – Tuesday 12am – 8am (off Wednesday & Thursday)
            2nd Shift – Friday – Thursday 4pm – 12am (off Friday)
            Start the cycle over back to the 1st shift the next Saturday morning at 8am

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