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Program Security Manager, Senior (F-15) Job in Dayton, Ohio US

Program Security Manager, Senior (F-15)

Oasis Systems, Inc. - Dayton, OH

Posted: 4/8/2021 - Expires: 7/7/2021

Job ID: 226039978


Job Description

Program Security Manager, Senior (F-15)

Job Locations

US-OH-Dayton / Wright-Patterson AFB

Requisition Number



Professional Services


Oasis Systems has an exciting opportunity for a Program Security Manager, Senior located at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH. The Program Security Manager will provide support to the F-15 Division. The F-15 Division is responsible for management and professional services, engineering and technical services, and studies, analyses and evaluations to accomplish the unit's mission to design, develop, integrate, test, produce, deploy, modernize, sustain and support U.S. and FMS F-15 fighter aircraft weapon systems and subsystems.

LOCATION: Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH

JOB STATUS:Full-time

TRAVEL:Occasional CONUS travel may be required

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Certifications, Experience, Skills)

SECURITY CLEARANCE:DoD Top Secret clearance required


Must hold advanced degree (Master of Arts (MA)/Master of Science (MS)) and 12 years of experience in the respective technical/professional discipline being performed, 5 years of which must be in the DoD.
OR BA/BS degree, and 15 years of experience in the respective technical/professional discipline being performed, 5 of which must be in the DoD
OR 20 years of directly related experience with proper certifications as described in the Functionally Aligned Job Description, 8 of which must be in the DoD


DSS Security Asset Protection Professional Certification
ASIS International Certified Protection Professional


Possesses the advanced knowledge, experience, and recognized ability to be considered an expert in their technical/professional field, possess the ability to perform tasks and oversee the efforts of junior and journeyman personnel within the technical/professional discipline. Will demonstrate advanced knowledge of their technical/professional discipline as well as possess a comprehensive understanding and ability to apply associated standards, procedures and practices in their area of expertise (Program Office, Enterprise and Staff Level Support interface)
In addition, a minimum of ten (10) years of experience performing full time DoD security functions and a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline to include five (5) years of full time security functions. A Senior shall have a minimum of two (2) years of experience supporting a Special Access Program (SAP).


The Contractor shall have a general understanding of current DoD and AF-specific acquisition regulations, guidelines, and processes.


The Contractor shall provide security oversight for all aspects of industrial security, system security, technology control and PPP as pertains to the F-15 Division programs.
The Contractor shall support all SAPs.
The Contractor shall work in secure facilities, which may require opening, closing, and performing end-of-day security checks of the Government facilities as well as responding to alarms of the Government facilities IAW USAF requirements and AFLCMC/WW security OIs.
The Contractor shall receive and secure classified information as appropriate.
The Contractor shall conduct independent security studies and analyses as required with only general direction and guidance.
The Contractor shall provide administrative, security management, Information Protection (IP), Resource Protection, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (FPCON) and communication security (COMSEC) support during the capabilities planning/pre-acquisition, acquisition, development, production and sustainment phases of various equipment and weapon systems IAW DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, F/B Directorate, F-15 Division, and program security policy/instructions. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, participation on IPTs and related activities, analyzing problems, defining alternative solutions, providing recommendations, writing reports, and accomplishing specifically assigned work.
The Contractor may perform security site surveys for Enhanced End Use Monitoring (EEUM), which will require foreign travel and interaction with foreign customers. Contractor may not release or allow any foreign national access to U.S. Government information without direct approval from the U.S. Government. Contractor may have access to another foreign government's information at the unclassified and sensitive level.
The Contractor shall assist the F-15 Division security office to ensure security program requirements are integrated into all program areas of the task as required by DoD, USAF and MAJCOM policies. The Contractor shall provide technical program protection guidance for the development of certification and accreditation documents and anti-tamper plan. The Contractor shall provide security support in efforts involving system security working group, certification working group, and IPTs.
The Contractor shall assist the Government in identifying security issues and recommending changes to DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, F/B Directorate, F-15 Division and program security policy/instructions for consideration to the F-15 Division security office.
The Contractor shall assist the Government in developing and documenting recommended program protection and system security input for all acquisition documentation required by current guidance. Documents may include, but are not limited to, SOWs, SRDs, CONOPS, Life Cycle Management Plans (LCMPs)/LCSPs, SCG, and DD Form 254s.
The Contractor shall prepare DD Form 254s for signature, coordination and distribution by appropriate Government agency.
The Contractor shall maintain status list and file maintenance of all contracts, solicitations and proposals for analysis and reports.
The Contractor shall manage and perform the administrative duties of a SAP Program Facility IAW the DoDM 5205.07, Volumes 1-4, ICD-705, Security Access Program Nomination Process (SAPNP), and the Risk Management Framework(RMF)/Joint SAP Implementation Guide (JSIG) or current guidance. Tasks include, but are not limited to, submitting Program Access Requests (PARs), gaining and maintaining accreditation as required and managing the self-inspection program.
The Contractor shall maintain an appropriately classified computerized database of Government and DoD Contractor personnel with access to the Special Access Required (SAR) programs as identified by individual task orders.
The Contractor shall assist in preparation of SGCs for F-15 Division programs in which classified information is involved. Classifying, safeguarding and declassifying national security information determinations will be made in conjunction with the program manager and technical staff of the system/program involved.
The Contractor shall assist personnel with completing personnel security investigation paperwork, review packages for accuracy, and assist with tracking personnel security clearances.
The Contractor shall provide support for integrating flexible, cost-effective and threat-based security processes, plans and procedures to protect weapon system(s) during its life-cycle (DoD acquisition process pre-Milestone A through demilitarization).
The Contractor shall integrate U.S. export and technology control laws, DoD/AF policy and instructions, and other applicable guidance into PPP.
The Contractor shall support program management in the identification of CPI and conduct criticality analyses for assigned programs, assessing program threats, analyzing system vulnerabilities and recommending alternative cost-effective security countermeasures that meet security objectives within the overall system design and program strategy.
The Contractor shall assist the engineering functional and shall provide expertise regarding the Systems Integrity (SI) process to support the protection of CPI and staff associated documents through the appropriate channels to the executive agent for final approval of plans.
The Contractor shall provide advisory assistance in evaluating security and administrative procedures associated with handling CPI/Critical Components (CC) from unclassified material up to and including Top Secret (TS), Special Access, and Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence (SCI).
The Contractor shall assist the OPSEC Monitor in developing, maintaining and overseeing the OPSEC program/plan for the protection of Critical Information (CI) and provide recommendation to the Government security lead to ensure program compliance. The Contractor shall assist in the establishment of OPSEC working group to develop and implement an OPSEC plan.
The Contractor shall assess, monitor, and review trade studies designed to balance program security risks with costs to the program and assist with designing cost-effective approaches for integrating security requirements into weapon system contracts.
The Contractor shall develop and maintain time-phased, event-driven SCGs, Program Security Directives (PSDs), TA/CPs, and PPPs with associated annexes, as required.
The Contractor shall analyze continuously the adequacy of the weapon system Prime contractors' and/or subcontractors' PPP/efforts and report on discrete areas of concern.
The Contractor shall conduct technical evaluations of Automated Information System (AIS) and other electronic equipment which has electronic storage capability or processes classified data, to include SAR information; evaluate AIS standard practice procedures and report on system vulnerabilities, associated security risk and compliance with DoD, USAF, and local regulatory requirements.
The Contractor shall perform on-site security evaluations at program offices, review weapon system Prime Contractor security survey reports, evaluate security procedures/ operations and provide technical security recommendations to the review team lead.
The Contractor shall test and analyze intrusion detection systems in classified program areas, up to and including, TS, TS/SCI, and SAR/SAP facilities, and recommend corrective action. The Contactor shall analyze system vulnerabilities, possible tampering, and an intruder's capability to compromise the system (e.g., by-pass).
The Contractor shall provide support to the F-15 Division as a technical security advisor to senior program leaders and their management staff on matters affecting the overall protection architecture of special programs.
The Contractor shall participate in security working groups and other meetings as required.
The Contractor shall be responsible and accountable for compliance with applicable DoD, USAF, and AFMC security directives to include National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), the NISPOM Supplement, DoDM 5205.07, Volumes 1-4, ICD-705, the SAPNP and the RMF/JSIG or current guidance.
The Contractor shall provide technical support and guidance as it relates to security management and the potential threats and vulnerabilities to the security program.
The Contractor shall work in secure facilities, which will require performing end-of-day security checks, and respond to alarms of the Government facilities IAW USAF requirements and F-15 Division OIs.
The Contractor shall check program information against SGCs during the course of the Contractor security manager functions.
The Contractor shall document and validate background information for Government and contractor members accessed to F-15 Division programs to include reportable information.
The Contractor shall provide personnel security assistance and guidance to technical and functional managers, clerical staff and other program personnel.
The Contractor shall report security incidents and violations related to F-15 Division programs and monitor security incident investigations. The position shall demonstrate multi-dimensional skills supporting collateral and SAP classified activities. The Contractor shall prepare reports as identified on a case-by-case basis by the Program Security Officer (PSO) and/or Government SAP Security Officer.
The Contractor shall prepare/process PARs for individuals requiring access to F-15 Division programs.
The Contractor shall be knowledgeable of completion and processing of SAPNP forms to ensure compliance with current DoD and SAF/AQ directives.
The Contractor shall screen and verify all required forms and documentation to ensure they are complete and accurate before submitting to the PSO for signature. Contractor shall review each request received to determine validity for access indicated.
The Contractor shall conduct Defense Clearance and Investigations Index, JPAS checks and local files check. Contractor shall accomplish program indoctrination and maintain list of personnel approved and briefed to SAR programs.
The Contractor shall plan, manage, and administer the security education program to ensure material relative to special security programs is presented annually.
The Contractor shall provide accurate access information, via personnel security database or access rosters, for personnel attending conferences where program material is discussed.
The Contractor shall assist in ensuring physical security standards are maintained and FPCON conditions are met. The Contractor will be responsible for the execution of the semi-annual security inspection program, to include oversight of the F-15 Security self-inspection program. The Contractor shall assist in correcting deficiencies identified during inspections. The Contractor shall perform random inspections of F-15 Division personnel workspaces for evidence of security deviations and identify corrective actions.
The Contractor shall be responsible for preventive maintenance of security containers.
The Contractor shall augment security inspections when requested by the Government.
The Contractor shall develop and update required internal security processes and standard OIs relative to security and ensure they are executed throughout F-15 Division programs.
The Contractor shall provide technical support for safeguarding classified information and mail; responding to telephone inquiries, security-related questions, and incidents, and; distributing information in all areas of security requirements.
The Contractor shall provide administrative support and assistance in accomplishing daily requirements, preparing analysis and reports, and recommending procedures. The Contractor shall maintain the security file plan, in addition to computer-generated database records for the F-15 Division Security Office.
The Contractor shall access the Government-provided electronic messaging system on Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET). The Contractor shall monitor the organization's mailbox regularly to ensure messages requiring action are promptly acted upon.
The Contractor shall escort personnel visiting the facility when required.
The Contractor shall evaluate security and administrative procedures associated with handling unclassified CPI/CI and classified material, up to and including TS, SAR/SAP, and developing a System Security Concept of Operation based on the threat definition, vulnerability analyses and existing security systems and measures.
The Contractor shall provide security oversight for all aspects of information, personnel, industrial, physical, operational and communication security as pertains to the F-15 Division. The Contractor shall perform a wide range of program security management activities, such as information, physical, operational, and personnel security. The Contractor shall receive classified materials, as required, in direct support of the F-15 Division security office.
The Contractor shall recommend courses of action after evaluating issues as they arise and prepare correspondence, briefing materials, and other documentation in support of the program office.
The Contractor shall provide technical guidance as received from the F-15 Division security office to Government and Contractor personnel in areas of planning, implementation, and report progress in implementation of such directions.
The Contractor shall assist with conducting studies and analyses as directed by the Government.
The Contractor shall maintain records for all personnel, both in-coming and out-going visits, in addition to maintaining an AIS database. The Contractor shall administratively process visit requests for security manager approval. The Contractor shall coordinate visit requests with other program offices. The Contractor shall assist the F-15 Division security office by in-processing new employees and preparing AF 2586s, Entry Authorization Forms.
The Contractor shall assist in the processing of each Government and Contractor individuals assigned to the F-15 Division into their organization through JPAS. The Contractor shall keep track of Government personnel due for an investigation/re-investigation according to USG personnel security guidelines. The Contractor shall initiate and submit AF Form 2583, Request for Personnel Security Action. The Contractor shall track the progress of the investigation through JPAS.
The Contractor shall prepare various documentation and charts for Government review and approval. The Contractor shall prepare briefing documents, develop spreadsheets, and maintain databases, to organize and store program data. The Contractor shall assist in retrieving data in the form of reports and queries. The Contractor shall be familiar with electronic media to distribute charts and documents to customers.
The Contractor shall assist in the planning, formulating, editing, developing, publishing and distribution of finished products, e.g., program documentation, reports, briefings, and other presentations as required (technical and non-technical, classified, and unclassified) in the media and format requested.
The Contractor shall maintain forms, files and program reference libraries.

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