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Senior Security Manager Job in Dayton, Ohio US

Senior Security Manager

MCR, LLC - Dayton, OH

Posted: 6/13/2021 - Expires: 9/11/2021

Job ID: 228309097


Job Description

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Overview of the Position:

The B-2 Division of the Fighters & Bombers Directorate is responsible for the modernization, test, production, fielding, and sustainment of B-2 aircraft and related systems.The B-2 is a high demand, low density fleet that is 25+ years old, is undergoing numerous concurrent acquisitions to solve obsolescence issues, and delivers critical Aerial Denial/Anti-Access and nuclear capabilities.

MCR Federal has an opportunity for a Senior Security Manager for the B-2 division at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio.The successfulcandidate will apply Directorate-level security operations support.The duties associated with this role include but are not limited to the following:

Position Description:

Maintainan active Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) account and assist with verifying personnel security clearances;

Assistwith processing personnel security investigation documents, reviewing the investigation documents for accuracy, and tracking submitted requests for personnel security clearances;

Prepareand coordinatesecurity-related briefing materials;

Manageand performthe administrative duties of a SAP Facility in accordance with the Joint Air Force, Army, and Navy 6/0, 6/9, and the JSIG or current guidance, to include but not be limited to, submitting PARs, gaining and maintaining accreditation as required, and managing the self-inspection program;

Assistwith the development of security requirements into contractual commitments; assistadministratively with the coordination of DD Form 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specification; assistwith establishing and maintaining official file plans with the use of AFRIMS;

Recordand tracksecurity program action items and suspenses;

Manage newcomer and security-related databases;

Provide special administrative and logistical assistance for the Directorate Visitor Control Function;

Providesecurity-related technical assistance to the directorate for briefings, meetings, and conferences;

Assistwith electronic files management, records management, and file plan management;

Preparesecurity-related spreadsheets, briefings, figures, graphics, tables, forms, and documents using Microsoft Office tools;

Prepare and maintain security program documentation and briefing materials;

Performadministrative tasks as necessary to support security functions;must have strong analytical writing skills to successfully document program security methods and decisions;

Maintainan appropriately classified computerized database of government and DoD contractor personnel with access to the Special Access Required (SAR) programs as identified by individual task orders;

Performadministrative tasks necessary to support security operational functions;

Providesecurity-related technical assistance to AFLCMC/WW organizations, groups, and committees for briefings and conferences;

Providea wide range of security management, analytical, technical, and support services for programs managed by DoD, USAF, Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), AFLCMC, AFLCMC/WW Directorate, AFLCMC/WW Cross-Cutter's, and specific programs;

Serveas focal point for security, analyze security procedures, and coordinate/recommend solutions on security deficiencies with the assigned government security task lead;

Supportthe implementation of Information, Personnel, and Industrial Security programs to ensure classified material is protected according to DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, Directorate, Division, and program directives;

Conductimplementation of the resource protection, force protection, and anti-terrorism programs in accordance with DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, Directorate, Division, and program security policy/instructions;

Assistpersonnel with completing personnel security investigation paperwork, review packages for accuracy, and assist with tracking personnel security clearances;

Reportsecurity incidents related to the B-2 Program and monitor security incident investigations; preparereports as identified on a case-by-case basis by the Program Security Officer (PSO); maintains the electronic tracking and management system for security incident notification and reporting;

ProcessProgram Access Requests for individuals requiring access to the B-2 and associated projects. Applies training to ensure compliance with current DoD and Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition directives and established B-2 policy. Screens and verifies all required forms and documentation to ensure they are complete and accurate before submitting to the PSO for signature;

Interfacewith various government and contractor security offices to ensure that B-2 security program accesses are properly processed. Provides technical recommendations on the adequacy of the B-2 program prime contractors program access submissions;

Preparevarious reports required to manage the personnel security and program access functions ensuring security clearances are current within five years tracking against the Unit Manning Document. Manages the requirements for letters of compelling need and waivers;

Ensures physical security standards are maintained and force protection conditions are met. Responsible for the execution of the semiannual security inspection program to include oversight of the B-2 Security self-inspection program. Responsible for correcting deficiencies identified during inspections. Responsible for performing random inspections of personnel workspaces for evidence of B-2 security deviations and identifies corrective action training when required;

Assistwith maintaining/accounting for and destroying Communications Security (COMSEC) material;

Conducttechnical evaluations of AIS and other electronic equipment, which has electronic storage capability or processes classified data, to include SAR information;

Evaluates AIS Standard Practice Procedures (SPPs);

Responsible for end-of-day safety and security checks for assigned facilities;

Workin secure facilities and when necessary receive classified information and secure as appropriate;

Openand closethe government facilities in accordance with Air Force requirements;

Respondto after-hours alarms for secure facilities;

Develops and documents recommended program protection and system security input for SOOs, SOWs, PWSs, RFPs, and CDRLs for assigned programs;

Identify security issues and recommend changes to DoD, USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, WW Directorate, WWZ Division, and program security policy/instructions for consideration to government security lead;

Conductanalyses of procedures regarding the handling, controlling, storage, and disposition of classified or critical weapon system hardware, to include installed components. Documents and submits reports on the results of the analyses, including recommended actions;

Prepares and administers program specific educational material for the security program. The Contractor will plan, manage, and administer the security education program to assure the dissemination of security information to the B-2 and Directorate personnel;

Developprogram-specific System Security Engineering (SSE) requirements;

Actas security adviser to the System Security Working Group, or other security related IPTs, for the preparation of program security standards to include preparation of meeting minutes and documenting actions;

Assistwith the transition of DoD and Air Force policy to "design to" and "test to" specifications, and SSE requirements into functional requirements;

Conductsystem security assessments to assure the proper front end emphasis on system security management;

Provideadvisory and draft documentation assistance for the development of a System Security Concept of Operation (SSCO) based on the threat definition, vulnerability analyses, and existing security systems and measures. The SSCO shall include description of mission tasks, operational system specifications, security resource requirements, threat environment, and protection of CPI, employment issues, and labor costs;

Assistin planning, designing, reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on tailored security plans for the protection of systems during the T&E phase;make recommendations for changes to security test procedures for consideration;

Reviewprogram threats and conduct vulnerability analyses to define security functional requirements for effectively securing systems against overt and covert ground initiated attack; provide recommendations for the integration of physical security countermeasures, electronic, and mechanical detection devices on the weapon systemand other corrective actions;

Plan, design, review, analyze, and reporton tailored security plans for the protection of systems during the T&E phase;make recommendations for changes to security test procedures;

Reviewconceptual studies, program reports, system data, and other pertinent source documentation, which might aid in establishing basic system security requirements;

Analyzethe adequacy of the weapon system contractor's system security planning and physical security standards and report on discrete areas of concern;

Providesupport for integrating flexible, cost-effective, and threat-based security processes, plans and procedures to protect weapon system(s) during its lifecycle (DoD Acquisition process pre-milestone A through demilitarization);

IntegrateUS export and technology control laws, DoD/Air Force policy and instructions, and other applicable guidance into program protection planning;

Identify CPI and conduct Criticality Analysis for assigned programs, assessing program threats, analyzing system vulnerabilities, and recommending alternative cost-effective security countermeasures that meet security objectives within the overall system design and program strategy;

Assistthe engineering functional and provide expertise about the Anti-Tamper Process to support the protection of CPI and staff associated documents through the appropriate channels to the executive agent for final approval of plans;

Provideadvisory assistance in evaluating security and administrative procedures associated with handling CPI/Critical Components (CC) from unclassified material, up to and including TS, Special Access, and Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence (SCI);

Provideassistance in the creation and maintenance of an Operations Security (OPSEC) program/plan for the protection of Critical Information (CI);provide recommendation to the government security lead to ensure program compliance;

Assess, monitor, and reviewtrade studies designed to balance program security risks with costs to the program; assist with designing cost-effective approaches for integrating security requirements into weapon system contracts;

Developand maintaintime-phased, event-driven SCGs, Program Security Directives, TA/CPs, and PPPs with associated annexes, as required;

Analyzethe adequacy of the weapon system prime contractors' and/or subcontractors' program protection planning/efforts and report on discrete areas of concern;

Performon-site security evaluations at program offices, review weapon system prime contractor security survey reports, and evaluate security procedures/operations;provide technical security recommendations to the review team lead;

Apply experience and expertise to the analysis of broad system security issues common across all AFLCMC programs;

Workflexible hours, including occasional overtime;

PrepareCDRL inputs including the Task Order's Monthly Status Report.

Required Qualifications:

Top Secret Clearance

Associates Degree in Security or Intelligence and three years experience performing full time DoD security manager functions.

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel) and other standard (Customer specified) applications


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