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Field Crop Farmworker Job in Rogers, Ohio US

Field Crop Farmworker

Confidential Posting - Rogers, OH

Posted: 6/21/2021 - Expires: 9/26/2021

Job ID: 228601155


Job Description

Reference this job order number when inquiring about this position. Inquiries must be made prior to 09/26/2021.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years of age. Must be available the entire work period of 8/25/2021-10/29/2021. Must agree to work Mon-Fri, 7 hours per day, Sat, 5 hours. Employer will provide transportation from employer provided living quarters to work site every day. Must read, and agree to, all terms and conditions of employment prior to a referral to the employer.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: This job requires exposure to extreme temperatures, repetitive movements, frequent stooping/bending, drug screen, criminal background check.

 JOB DUTIES: Handling manual tasks associated with commodity production and harvest activities. Fruit Production Harvesting Fruits: Fruit will be picked based on seasonal need by spot and/or strip picking the fruit. Picking fruit by snapping fruit off try by using thumb and palm of hand to avoid stem pulls, punctures, bruising, or other damage. Workers will pick culls and peelers. Full buckets are to be carefully emptied into bins. Care must be exercised at all times to prevent bruising or breaking of trees or fruit. Pruning: Workers will prune by hand and also with manual and mechanized pruning equipment depending on the fruit variety. Other duties of puring will include but not limited to: Removing stubs/broken branches, downward growing branches, branches that rub together, shaded interior branches, dead wood, and shoot suckers. Workers must be able to follow supervisor or foreman instruction on color and size requirement for produce. Worker must be able to know the difference between varieties and colors correctly. Training by supervisors at the start of the season will explain and demonstrate picking requirements to all workers and as needed after to meet standards. Supervisors will not damaged/bruised fruit in post inspection report. Supervisors may issue written disciplinary action if a significant amount of culls, bruised, or damaged fruit to a worker. Failure to follow proper quality instructions repeatedly may result in disciplinary action up to being terminated. Alternative Work; General farm maintenance and other duties as required in the farming operation maintenance. Includes, but not limited to, preparing barns, draining fields, preparing land for planting, maintenance of tools & equipment, and other work as directly related to the crop activities for which the worker is hired. Also includes fixing, clearing, and painting of fences / barns. Such work will be offered when climate or crop conditions preclude working in the primary activities listed above. General Conditions: A normal work week is Monday through Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m and Saturday 07:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If work is available beyond normal workdays, employer may offer, but not require, worker an opportunity to work additional hours. Workers will report to work at designated time and place as directed by assigned employer each day. However, workers may be requested to ten (10) hours per day depending on the conditions in the fields and the maturity of the crops. Also, workers may be requested to work on federal holidays and their Sabbath, but will not be required to do so. Workers may volunteer to work additional hours when work is available. Down time: Workers should expect occasional periods of little or no work because of weather, crop or other conditions beyond the employers control. These periods can occur any time throughout the season. Worker may be required to work in fields when crops are wet with dew / rain and should have suitable clothing for conditions which include light rain and temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to more than 100 degrees. Workers should be able to stand, bend, stoop and work for prolonged periods of time and be physically fit to perform duties as assigned. Workers will be trained for period of two (2) days (14 hours) after which workers will be expected to perform job required. Workers will be required to be able to lift up to 50 pounds and lifting up to 5 feet. Workers will use/handle ladders that are up to 15 feet long and could weigh up to 60 pounds or perform work on motorized platforms. Care must be exercised at all times to prevent bruising or breaking crops. Care must also be exercised with any use of equipment


BOARD ARRANGEMENTS: Employer will furnish free and convenient cooking and kitchen facilities so workers are able to prepare their own meals. The employer will provide transportation to assure workers access to stores where they can purchase groceries.

HOUSING: Employer-provided housing is available for all workers who live outside a reasonable daily driving distance.

TRANSPORTATION TO WORK SITE: The employer will provide transportation for all workers living in the employer-provided housing to and from the daily work site(s).


TOOLS, SUPPLIES, EQUIPMENT: Tools, supplies, and equipment needed to complete the job will be provided by the employer at no cost to the worker.


TO APPLY FOR THE JOB OPPORTUNITY: Click Apply Now, Apply by Email or visit the nearest OhioMeansJobs Centers.   Reference the job order when inquiring about this job opportunity

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Full Time
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Agriculture, H-2A, FLC
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No school grade completed
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
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$15.31 - $0.00 /hour
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Applied Math: 4
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