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Detention Specialist Job in Saint Clairsville, Ohio US

Detention Specialist

Belmont Harrison Juvenile District - Saint Clairsville, OH

Posted: 9/14/2021 - Expires: 12/10/2021

Job ID: 231669067


Job Description


The Detention Specialist position is responsible for the safety and well-being of residents.  Detention Specialists will treat residents with respect while holding them accountable for poor choices and actions.  The Detention Specialists will use praise and other forms of positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behavior and decision making. This position is also responsible for facilitating programming, teaching basic living skills, conflict resolution, and problem solving. 

Part Time, Female Detention Specialist needed at this time. 

  1. Completion of High School Education or GED
  2. Valid state driver’s license
  3. Pass a drug screen.
  4. Pass BCI & FBI background checks
  5. Must be capable of participating in physical restraint training and physical restraints
  6. Must be capable and willing to be certified in First Aid and CPR


  1. General movement, including: crouching, standing, walking, lifting, repetitive motions, balancing, lifting arms above head
  2. Walk up to two miles
  3. Climb up and down stairs and ladders
  4. Moving furniture and appliances when necessary
  5. Lifting or carrying up to 30lbs
  6. Ability to physically restrain residents from approximately 80lbs to 300lbs
  7. Ability to drive a county vehicle
  8. Alert, mentally rested
  9. Good memory and attention to detail
  10. Not impaired by alcohol or drugs



Schedules will be assigned by the Executive Director, as the employer has the right and responsibility to direct their employees, including the right to determine hours of work, work schedules and establish necessary work rules.  Hours of each Detention Specialist position will be subject to the discretion of the Executive Director which may include some overtime hours as well as scheduled holidays.  This position has the potential to be mandated. Standard work week consists of 40 hours, any additional hours will be compensated at one and one half (1 ½) times the regular rate of pay for each hour of such time.  Holidays will be compensated per the Labor Agreement and all regulations regarding holidays will be consistent with the Labor Agreement. 


  1. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  2. Ability to recognize unusual or threatening conditions and take appropriate action to stabilize the situation.
  3. Maintain safety and security of the facility for residents, staff, and visitors.
  4. Demonstrates positive behavior with residents and represents the agency well within the community.
  5. React to emergency situations in a calm, efficient manner, maintaining professionalism at all times.
  6. Work cooperatively with others, functions as a team member and is considerate of colleagues.
  7. Effectively supervises all activities of youth in the facility, including but not limited to, meals, groups, educational films, religion, wing clean-up, visitation, and cooperative skills.
  8. Maintains basic discipline and control of population.
  9. Must be able to work independently, oftentimes without supervision.
  10. Represents self and situations honestly.
  11. Attends training sessions and staff meetings as required.
  12. Performs other duties as required by the Executive Director, Administrator and Supervisors.


  1. Supervises resident’s behavior closely.
  2. Maintains basic discipline and control of the residents through enforcement of the level system as outlines in the resident hand book.
  3. Attends training sessions and staff meetings as required.
  4. Preforms housekeeping duties as needed.
  5. Applies consequences fairly, treats residents with respect and dignity.
  6. Demonstrates positive behavior with the residents and represents the agency well within the community.
  7. Completes all paperwork, reports and documentation as required.
  8. Transports residents.
  9. Monitors family visits.
  10. Adhere to program schedule.
  11. Evaluates the behavior of residents daily.
  12. Performs other duties as required by the Executive Director, his or her designee and the Supervisors.

***For information on how to apply to apply, contact OhioMeansJobs Belmont County at 740.633.5627***

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Part Time Employee
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Regular Employment
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Attained Certificate of equivalency for a HS degree
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
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$0.00 - $10.75 /hour
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