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WINDER Job in Eastlake, Ohio US


OhioMeansJobs Lake County - Eastlake, OH

Posted: 1/4/2022 - Expires: 10/1/2022

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Job Description

OhioMeansJobs Lake County is currently accepting resumes for the following position:

Eastlake, OH
Position ID Number: 38132139

  • Verify that all strands in the resin stand’s front comb are lined up correctly
  • Inspect the roller; if it’s not smooth to the touch, wipe it down with an acetone rag
  • Lift strands to hook and place roller into the cradle. Put two or three drops of lubricant to ensure smooth movement.  Drop strands back down onto roller.
  • Be sure to have at least one bucket of clean acetone on hand to clean parts through the shift
  • Clear your counter
  • Get trash can or box for your garbage.
  • Get a fresh paint roller for your roller-handle.
  • Put your pan into resin stand, taking care to leave a gap no wider than 5 mm between roller and pan.
  • Fill your cup check, then wipe off mix tube.
  • Hang mix head on resin stand.
  • Fit your first liners on the carriage, being certain the bottom domes are NOT crushed.
  • Load your program, find the path, enter any offsets needed.
  • Fit your knots into the knot-catchers.
  • Fill your pan.
  • Start slowly, bringing resin-coated strands to the carriage; cut and tie the tails.
  • Put machine into manual, pull dry glass off.
  • Put knots up again, start up slowly.


  • Cut strands back to the resin stand; tie off the knots and lay them over the back of the gathering boards.
  • Drop your pan (at least halfway), leave sitting to allow excess resin to drip off.
  • Remove all combs, front and back, from carriage. Stack back-to-back and set in acetone bucket to soak.  Remove dancer arm combs and put in bucket, along with pins.
  • Grab 4 or 5 good-sized rags, remove roller from cradle. After soaking the rags, thoroughly wipe down the surface and sides, removing all resin.  The roller should be smooth to the touch when done.

Soak a rag in acetone and wipe down the following:

  1. Resin stand, including front flap, framework, doc blade (be sure the underside is clean), dancer arm plates
  2. Carriage, including eye rings & posts (be sure to wipe down the underside of the posts), drive ends & plungers, and any excess resin dripping off the resin-catchers.

Get another bucket of acetone, more rags, scrub pads and a brush.  Pull the combs from the soak-bucket one at a time, cleaning off all resin with rags, pads, and brushes.  Pull the combs from the soak-bucket one at a time, cleaning off all resin with rags, pads, and brushes.  Pay attention for runs/streaks under the bar and around bolts.  When finished with a part, dip it into the clean acetone and set aside to dry.

Restring the resin stand, making sure the front comb is locked in and that all strands are lined up properly between the corresponding hash-marks grooved into the top (middle-most being 12, 2+ for every outside of those).  Starting with the bottom tank, string one set per back comb from front comb on resin stand to back end of carriage.  Attach and lock in dancer arm combs.

At the front of the carriage, pull knotted strands through and set them into one end of the front comb.  One by one, lift and place strands in the corresponding teeth (depending on what number of strands you’re restringing).

Please contact Jade Peternelj (440)350-4407 or for immediate consideration. 

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Full Time Employee
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Regular Employment
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High school graduate
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