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Jail Deputy - Knox County Job in Mount Vernon, Ohio US

Jail Deputy - Knox County

Knox County Sheriff's Office - Mount Vernon, OH

Posted: 5/22/2024 - Expires: 8/20/2024

Job ID: 273749843


Job Description


The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for full-time Jail Division Deputies. 

The current wage scale is between $23.08 and $31.00 per hour.

Benefits include insurance, retirement, paid holidays and vacation.    

Essential Functions

  1. Speak, Write, and Read Reports and Comprehend Other Documents;
  2. Handle Human Relations Problems; 
  3. Engage in Physical Activities; 
  4. Use Physical Force to Control Persons;  
  5. Conduct Search and Seizure;
  6. Protect Crime Scene and Collect Evidence and Information;
  7. Conduct Initial Investigations of Various Crimes and Events;
  8. Provide Emergency Assistance; 
  9. Present Testimony. 
            In addition to the essential functions outlined above, a certified jailer of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office performs the following specific duties.
  1. Upon assuming duties each shift, review post orders, directives, general orders, and policies and procedures for recent changes; 
  2. Monitor and control access and egress to the detention area, to include exclusion of all firearms, sharp objects, or explosive munitions;
  3. Supervise arrestees during intake process;
  4. Complete initial screening intake and classify detainees;
  5. Arrange for medical attention or transportation to a medical facility for any detainee known or perceived to require medical attention;
  6. Segregate detainees according to classification standards and space availability;
  7. Review paperwork, including arrest charges, warrants, and commitment orders to ensure legal incarceration;
  8. Conduct searches of all arrestees upon intake;
  9. Conduct the initial booking of detainees;
  10. Conduct initial medical and suicide prevention screening interview;
  11. Complete a booking card with photographs and fingerprints;
  12. Refer or transport any detainee claiming or exhibiting suicidal tendencies to mental health services, or place the individual on suicide watch;
  13. Remove all personal property from the detainee, complete personal property inventory, document inventory, and place property in secure storage; 
  14. Issue clothing, bedding, and personal items required for incarceration; 
  15. Brief arrestees on detainee rules, regulations, and procedures;
  16. Obtain signatures from arrestees on documents as necessary, and give arrestees copies of appropriate documents;
  17. Monitor facility access to ensure that only authorized persons gain access;
  18. Facilitate appropriate telephone calls by detainees;
  19. Oversee detainee use of telephone;
  20. Assist officers, court personnel, and attorneys by answering questions regarding the status of detainees;
  21. Process incoming and outgoing detainee mail;
  22. Search detainee mail and packages for contraband;
  23. Arrange for, monitor, and verify identity of visitors to the facility;
  24. Visually monitor detainee behavior to detect problems and security issues;
  25. Respond to reasonable requests by detainees;
  26. Conduct random and reasonable suspicion cell searches to detect contraband;
  27. Monitor and supervise access, perimeter, and interior facilities;
  28. Operate emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers and air packs, as necessary;
  29. Escort detainees within secure and unsecured sections of the confinement area;
  30. Accompany officers during transport of detainees to court appearances, doctor or hospital visits, and during transfer to local, state, or federal correctional institutions;
  31. Search detainees and transport vehicles prior to and after transportation; &
  32. Any other duties as assigned by the Lieutenant or Shift Sergeant.

Job Standards

  1. Be a United States citizen; 
  2. Be at least twenty-one [21] years of age;
  3. Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License;
  4. Be subject to a thorough background investigation and personal interviews by agency personnel;
  5. Demonstrate reading and comprehension skills in the English language to at least the 12th grade level through interviews and written demonstration of proficiency;
  6. Demonstrate honesty and integrity by successfully completing pre-employment polygraph and drug testing;
  7. Be fingerprinted and subjected to a search of local, state, and national records and fingerprint files;

Supplemental Information


  1. Protect life;
  2. Protect property;
  3. Prevent crime;
  4. Prevent escapes;
  5. Enforce order, discipline, and strict compliance with health and safety standards;
  6. Provide consistent and equal treatment for all detainees and inmates;
  7. Enforce the laws of the state and other applicable ordinances;
  8. Protect the constitutional rights of all persons encountered or arrested;
  9. Provide equal protection for all;
  10. Use force sparingly and only when necessary to effect a lawful end;
  11. Arrive to work at a specified time in full regulation uniform, unless otherwise instructed;
  12. Protect persons and property that may come under your charge or custody;
  13. Be on duty in the prescribed uniform, and be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to perform all required duties;
  14. Remain on duty and fully conscious until the expiration of the shift, and/or relieved by a supervisor; 
  15. Maintain a clean and professional appearance while on duty;
  16. Complete, and turn in before the end of each tour of duty, all reports and necessary paperwork; 
  17. Maintain sensitivity and provide equality to all races, religions, sexes, and cultural groups;
  18. Establish and maintain positive, effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, other agencies, and the public;
  19. Attend and complete all required training and demonstrations of proficiency;
  20. Establish and maintain liaison with local, county, state, federal agencies, and public officials; 
  21. Abide by all lawful policies and procedures, orders, and instructions issued by superiors of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.
Additional specific duties added by the Lieutenant or Shift Sergeant with written concurrence and approval of the Sheriff.

Contact Information

Personal Contact:
17604 Coshocton Road
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Job Summary

Employment Type:
Full Time Employee
Job type:
Regular Employment
Skill Based Partner:
Education Level:
Attained Certificate of equivalency for a HS degree
Work Days:
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Job Reference Code
$23.08 - $31.00 /hour
Licenses / Certifications:
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