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OhioMeansJobs Food and Cash Assistance Guide
Do you receive food or cash assistance in Ohio?
Have you been assigned to participate in OhioMeanJobs?  
If so, follow the steps below to let OhioMeansJobs help you reach your career goals.
Important Benefit Information:
In order to continue receiving food and/or cash assistance benefits, you must complete the job search and training activities assigned by your caseworker and by the specified due dates. If you have questions about your assignment, please contact your caseworker at your county department of job and family services.
Register on OhioMeansJobs and Create a Backpack
To begin your job search, please verify your username and password. Next, you’ll be asked some simple questions. Your answers will be used to create your online “backpack,” where things like your resume, your job search results, jobs that you’ve applied for and assessments that you’ve completed will be stored.
Create or Upload Your Own Resume
After creating your backpack, create or upload a resume containing your detailed work history, education and skill set. If you don’t have a resume, OhioMeansJobs can help you create one. Just go to your backpack and click “Create Resume.” Your resume will be rated so you can see how to make it better. Whether you upload an existing resume or build a new one, be sure to mark it “ACTIVE” so employers will be able to see it.
Apply for Jobs
Your caseworker will determine the number of jobs you must apply for. It’s important that you track your job search so you can prove that you completed the required activities. Save each job that you apply for to your backpack and mark it as “Applied.”
Complete Assessments and Training
Your caseworker may assign assessments and/or trainings for you to complete by given dates. You can find the assessments by clicking on the “Online Training” icon. Whenever you complete an assessment or training, that information will be reported to your caseworker.
Other Tools
OhioMeansJobs has many other tools that can help you make the most of your skills and advance your career. Use it to search for in-demand careers, find occupations that match your interests, calculate your budget, and find local job fairs and workshops. For a quick overview, take the guided tour.
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