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OhioMeansJobs Child Support Guide
Do you pay support in Ohio?
Do you need help finding a job to meet your support obligation?
If so, follow the steps below to let OhioMeansJobs help you reach your career goals.
If a court or child support enforcement agency has ordered you to seek work effective September 29, 2015, or later, you must register with OhioMeansJobs and complete other work activities specified in your seek work order. Failure to complete these activities will result in noncompliance with your support order. If you are legally prohibited from using a computer, you must contact your local OhioMeansJobs Center to be scheduled for an in-person appointment to get help completing these activities. To find an OhioMeansJobs Center near you, click here or call 1-888-296-7541.
Register for OhioMeansJobs and Create a Backpack
If you don’t already have an OhioMeansJobs account, create one. Just enter your email address, create a password and answer some simple questions. This will be used to create an online “backpack,” where you will store things like resumes, job searches, jobs you’ve applied for and assessments you’ve completed. If you have previously registered at, just sign in.
Create or Upload Your Resume
Create or upload a resume containing your detailed work history, education and skill set. If you don’t have a resume, can help you create one. Just go to your backpack and click “Create Resume.” You can even choose to have your resume rated so you can see how to make it better. Whether you upload an existing resume or build a new one, be sure to mark it “Active” so employers will be able to see it. To get started managing your resume, click on “Manage Resumes”.
Apply for Jobs and Track Your Job Searches
Use the search tools to find jobs that you are qualified for. You can save entire jobs searches or individual jobs postings. IMPORTANT: After you apply for a job, be sure to save it to your backpack and mark it as "Applied."
Other Resources on OhioMeansJobs:
Complete Tutorials/Assessments
Are you looking to improve your computer skills? Preparing to take the GED®? Or just want to brush up on business skills like math, writing, and public speaking? Visit the Online Training Center to see what else OhioMeansJobs has to offer to help you get the skills you need to land the job you want.
Set Up a Career Plan
Click on the “Career Profile” icon in your backpack to take a 20-minute survey to help identify occupations that match your interests. After you complete it, you’ll be shown a list of suggested occupations.  The occupations will be ranked and listed by order of demand, with high-demand occupations noted by a thumbs up sign. The average pay will be shown for each occupation on your list. OhioMeansJobs lets you make a to-do list for your career plan and set deadlines for yourself to stay on track.
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