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Work Values Assessment question mark image

Step 1:
Read the cards.
Complete this statement: In my ideal job, it is important that…

Step 2:
Sort the cards.
Place all 20 cards into the grid below, according to how important it is for you to have a job described in the statement. All 20 cards must be placed before moving to step 3.

  • 5 - Very Important
  • 4 - Fairly Important
  • 3 - Important
  • 2 - Slightly Important
  • 1 - Not at all Important
  • Remove this item
Most Important
Least Important
Remember, there is no right or wrong way to sort. You can rearrange the cards as many times as you’d like, according to what is most important to you.
When all cards are placed and you are satisfied with the order, click Submit to go to Step 3.